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New Twitterless Feature: Groups and Filters

October 27, 2008

After a few weeks of hard work, some new features have been (tentatively) rolled out for Twitterless:  groups and filters.


Since Twitterless keeps a pretty up-to-date list of your followers, there’s a lot of interesting data to play around with.  It’s one thing to know how many people follow you but another thing entirely to find out who those people are.  This is what the aim of Twitterless filters is.  In the followers section of your Twitterless profile you will notice a variety of filtering options aimed at helping you parse and understand your follower base.  Right now you can filter by type of relationship (friends or follower), order by friend/follower ratio and alphabetically by name, and narrow followers down based on a keyword in their profile descriptions.  

Furthermore, a special search function allows you to search for terms in the tweets of all your followers.  

This is different than doing a broad search on or because it’s limited to just your followers.  

Find out what your followers think about an article you wrote or a hot topic while filtering out the noise of the general Twitter public.  Because these searches take a while to process, they are archived so you can refer back to them without having to run them again.  More filters will be added over time, so suggest any you wish existed and they will be implemented.


There have been many requests out in the Twittersphere for an application that lets users create groups to help manage the high volume of tweets one receives at any given time, and Twitterless was uniquely positioned to provide this functionality because of the aforementioned follower updates.  With groups, you can create a group and add friends and followers to that group wherein their updates will be neatly contained.  You will notice a new “Groups” tab in your Twitterless profile.  From there, you can create a new group, go to your “Followers” tab, and begin selecting followers you want to add to that group.  That group will now be displayed in your groups section along with any other groups you create.  You can refresh groups individually or refresh them all at the same time.  

“Groups” is still very much in its early stages of development, but the basics are in place.  The more feedback given the better they will get, of course.  Because there is no straightforward way to grab the timelines of every group member the process of refreshing a group can take a long time (directly proportional to the number of members in the group). 

 It is well worth the wait, however, because you can see what your followers are saying whether or not you follow them back and you can organize your tweets into more digestible feeds based on any parameters you choose.  In fact, the filters discussed above directly contribute to the functionality of groups.  If you want to create a group that contains rails developers like myself, you could filter your followers and/or friends down based on the keyword “rails” and add them to a group called “Rails People”.  If you wanted to create a group that has only people with very few friends but many followers (popular/famous users), you could sort by ratio and add the first 10 or so resulting Twitterers.  

Groups will be receiving quite a few handy features over the next week and a lot of these will be heavily based on your feedback, so please post suggestions here or use the feedback form on (the link is in the footer).  Thanks to everyone who’s beta testing and a very special thanks to those who are providing feedback!