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Twitterless Closed-Beta Has Launched

September 15, 2008

After weeks of furious development, Twitterless has finally been launched in the form of a closed-beta.  Scaling is a concern so activation codes will be dealt out in a controlled manner while the application’s processes are being monitored.  There are quite a few features at launch, including:

  • Dropped follower notifications via Twitter direct messaging
  • Graph and Timeline view of follower history
  • Google map of followers
  • Follower filtering by description
  • Ability to create searches for keywords in follower’s posts
  • Auto-Follow and Auto-Block bots
  • Ability to make profile private
  • Ability to post tweets from the Address bar of any browser with automatic url shrinkification

There are a few kinks that will need to be worked out over time as the user-base grows but so far the launch has been a success.  There more features on the way but scalability is the current focus.

To request an activiation code, simply follow “tless” in Twitter and a code will be sent as soon as a slot opens up.