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Twitter is Experiencing Strange Issues Right Now

September 25, 2008

In true Twitter form, they have run into some serious issues and some users (myself included) are being prompted for a username and password when trying to access  This problem has also affected Twitterless since none of the user accounts are authenticating correctly.  I’m sure this will get fixed soon, and it’s actually kind of serendipitous timing because it happened exactly as I was upgrading the Twitterless database, but I’m anxious to get the system running so that I can start sending out code like crazy.

So as soon as this bug is fixed I will run the new database through its paces and start getting more of you signed up!


100 Users and Still Going Strong

September 19, 2008

We’ve reached our first milestone here at Twitterless (if you use the decimal system, that is): 100 users have signed up as beta testers.  My biggest concern with Twitterless has been scalability.  Unlike other web applications, because Twitter apps depend so heavily on the Twitter API, the restrictions they place on requests can make it difficul to scale to a wide audience.

So far there have only been a few hitches in the service; a few people received notifications telling them that nearly all of their follower base had stopped following them to mention one.  However, I think the proper balance between promptness of alerts, accuracy of data, and scalability for the future has been struck.  At this point the barriers to scale have less to do with Twitter’s rate limit restrictions and more to do with the processing power of Twitter’s current server.  I feel confident that scaling will simply be a hardware issue.

Overall people seem to be pretty pleased with the service.  Others still find it depressing to be told when people stop following them.  The graph and timeline view are a big hit, while address bar posting and follower post searching don’t seem to have gained much traction.  Here are what some of our users have been saying:

“Have to say, I’m loving Twitterless”

“Uh-oh, just got a tweet from that twitterless app: “X stopped following you.” It seems to work again. And it is brutal.”

“Wonder how twitterless feels when you unfollow them? Does it hurt twitterless? DOES IT? Heh, kidding. I like life better not knowing, thx.”

trying out I almost want to say something really offensive to try it out”

I am so in love with the

Ooh, the locations tab in Twitterless is pretty slick. Nice Google map of where all the followers are located.”

Twitterless Closed-Beta Has Launched

September 15, 2008

After weeks of furious development, Twitterless has finally been launched in the form of a closed-beta.  Scaling is a concern so activation codes will be dealt out in a controlled manner while the application’s processes are being monitored.  There are quite a few features at launch, including:

  • Dropped follower notifications via Twitter direct messaging
  • Graph and Timeline view of follower history
  • Google map of followers
  • Follower filtering by description
  • Ability to create searches for keywords in follower’s posts
  • Auto-Follow and Auto-Block bots
  • Ability to make profile private
  • Ability to post tweets from the Address bar of any browser with automatic url shrinkification

There are a few kinks that will need to be worked out over time as the user-base grows but so far the launch has been a success.  There more features on the way but scalability is the current focus.

To request an activiation code, simply follow “tless” in Twitter and a code will be sent as soon as a slot opens up.